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OK, so I’ve got opinions

If you’ve ever looked at houses with me, you’ll know what I think. I don’t hold back. It’s my job to make sure that you have all of the relevant information to make an informed purchase. I had opinions 25 years ago when I started in this business and I’ve got them now. This is generally a really good thing for my clients, because a lot of knowledge comes with those opinions. Not so with Yelp. Yes, I am a happy Yelper. I try not to be too mean and generally give places more than one chance if.

Crime Free Prevention Programs… Good, bad, unfair?

Several towns in Chicago’s western suburbs have adopted a “Crime Free” program (Aurora and Naperville are two) and others have similar programs under different names. “Crime Free” applies only to renters.. scoundrels can buy wherever they want. (isn’t “scoundrel” a great word?) I’m an investor, if you are an investor you might want to talk to me before plunking down your hard earned dollars. Aurora requires that all rental properties be licensed as well as the landlord/owner or property manager. There are yearly fees to be paid and fines doled out. At least it’s a consistent citywide program.

Real Estate Buyer’s Market – Seller’s Market – What is it and how are things looking.

What does it mean when we say a “it’s a Seller’s/Buyer’s market?” Data gathered from the Mainstreet Organization of Realtors:  Through August of 2014 the Chicago area has a 5.2 month supply of housing available, according to the National Association of Realtors that indicates a “Seller’s Market” , other indicators of this hold true as well: The average sale price for the Chicago area was $227,320 which was an increase of 7% over the previous year. Total inventory for the area is down 2.2% from August of 2013 or 14.7% if calculated on a 12 month average. In.

Standard Market Opens May 20th in Naperville

Standard Market is coming to Naperville! The upscale market was approved by the Naperville City Council to locate at the old Frank’s Nursery and Crafts site, just east of Ogden on Aurora Avenue This store should fit in nicely with Naperville’s other Grocers. Standard Market is known for their prepared foods, upscale decor , broad wine and cheese selections and The Standard Market Grill.      

I’ve got books about Naperville

I have several copies of the book “A View of Historic Naperville from the Sky-Lines” By Genevieve Towsley. I purchased them with good intentions of giving them out, but I haven’t. These are nice hardcover books that are “A collection of articles of historic significance” the collection is from the old Naperville Sun (before it was ruined). They make a nice coffee table book and I would be happy to pass off my extra copies (free!) to any locals that might be interested. Call, e-mail me or use a contact form and I’ll drop one off. Comments are welcome,.

More than you probably want to know about me… in my Meme

I was originally memed by my friend Linda Davis… so I responded with my meme inserted in the comments of Jays enormously popular post . My friend Teri Isner then was nice enough to meme me… and then Bonnie Erickson & Kay Van Kampen! So I’m having a chat with my bud (the most awesome loan guy) Jeff Belonger (the g is pronounced like the first g in George) and he wants to know why I didn’t post my meme where people could comment on it. So I did, but I inadvertantly made it a members only post.

Just got my Not good for Real Estate Nikon Camera Back today

Nikon sent my brand new broken camera back to me…     So what now? Paperweight? Doorstop…anchor?   Turn the camera off, remove the lens cap, and turn the camera on. Nikon Coolpix Camera L810

The Naper Settlement – History in the heart of Naperville

  Central Naperville offers a little of the unexpected… history in the form of a piece of land preserved as it might have been in the 1800’s. A cultural museum called the Naper Settlement Located on Aurora Avenue, just steps from Naperville’s thriving downtown and renowned riverwalk… the Naper Settlement preserves a long and rich history to the benefit of the community. A 13 acre 19th century village complete with costumed villagers. Enter the Settlement at the Pre-Emption house, a hotel and tavern where Grover Cleveland and Abraham Lincoln would stop for a pint or two. Abraham Lincoln.

Bad Nikon experience – Nikon L810 Coolpix camera doesn’t work and they won’t fix it.

I was looking for a new ultra-wide angle lens camera for my real estate business. The Ultra Wide Angle is important because they capture so much more of the room. Have you ever looked at real estate pictures of bedrooms and all you can see is the bed? A good wide angle lens will capture the room the way your eyes do. I’ve been using the Panasonic Lumix DMC FX-37 which is a great camera and has a wide angle lens of  25mm. I like the camera but wanted one that gets wider without distortion (curved walls etc…).

A handy product for homeowners #1- Wood Scratches

If you have natural /stained woodwork, cabinets or furniture you’ve probably been subject to some of the same things that we have… scratches and other blemishes. We could blame it on the kids, the dog, the carpet installers.. but, wherever the fault lay… sometimes the finish just gets scratched. For heavy duty blemishes, you may have to resort to using a stain. We’ve done this and also used stain to make small scratches disappear. This takes a bit of commitment and some preparation. A couple of years ago our flooring guy (Rob at Exploring Flooring (630) 393-2020) told us.

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